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  • Member: Vega Sailor
  • Title: Forgotten: Starscream and Skyfire
  • Premiered: 2003-07-23
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    • Linkin Park Numb
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  • Comments: Please don't be predjudice against my video just because I used a Lin Kin Park song, I actually put a alot of hours and effort into this video, and followed the lyrics as best as I could. With the lipsync there are two spots that I could not edit out lip movements that were not meant to be lipsync parts. One with Skyfire putting on the Autobot symbol and one part when Megatron is talking to Starscream and Skyfire. But there are many other parts where the lipsync is intentional to help the story in the video move along. Overall I am really proud of this video and I hope you like it too. It took me a month to put together.

    My video tells a story of two characters from the original Transformers TV series, Starscream and Skyfire. Before the war Skyfire was Starscream's friend and mentor. They were separated during an exploration of an organic planet called earth. Millions of years later Starscream, now a member of the Decepticons, finds Skyfire buried under a thick layer of ice. After Skyfire is revived, both he and Starscream hope to continue their friendship. But Skyfire is holding Starscream back from becoming a great Decepticon warrior, and Starscream does not like that one bit. Friendship or no friendship Starscream will not let Skyfire stand in his way.

    This is Starscream's story....

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