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  • Title: The League
  • Premiered: 2003-07-23
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    • League of Extraordinary Gentleman, the Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: Hey.

    This uses mostly Kingdom Hearts II footage, there's only a few seconds of regular Kingdom Hearts(Sora "surface"ing, and Sephiroth). I did this on a computer that is not mine, so there. =]

    TECHNICAL DETAILS: Lots of Image panning, to keep to one resolution. The lip synch was a STRUGGLE, since Unknown actually sounds out his vowels, instead of just flapping lips. A lot of scenes were slowed down, the KH2 footage from Final Mix goes by really fast. Only two scenes were sped up. The last scene "That was naughty", the brightness and contrast was messed around with.

    STORY DETAILS: Nothing really. I slapped this together in two days, it's really just a farce.
    Sora is Dr. Jekyll, Sephiroth is the Invisible Man(But look how well THAT turned out. It looks like he's the enemy!). Rikku is The Phantom, Unknown is the hero of the story(I can't remember the character's name. >

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