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  • Member: Kutani
  • Studio: Project Kutani
  • Title: International Guardians
  • Premiered: 2001-07-03
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  • Song:
    • Ren and Stimpy Log Song - Int'l Version
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  • Comments: As a note, I'd like to say that I agree this concept/song has been a bit over-done. However, it was not my idea, it was suggested on the TM!ML to do it and I took up the job. So don' accuse me of unoriginality. It's Greg's fault. I still think it's funny, though.

    This took me approximately three hours to create, after the suggestion was made to me to do it.

    After my initial verson, I went back in and fixed a few lip-sync problems... still not perfect. I have unfortunately deleted my work files, however, and have no desire to go back and re-capture everything. My computer is being mean and I'm lazy.

    I used a PCTV card for capture and Sonic Foundry's Vegas Video for editing.

    The creation itself was fairly straightforward, not much I can say on it. Well, that's not true... the Kagato lip-sync was... bass-ackwards to do. I'm not even going to tell you how I did it, because it's hideously stupid.

    It's just a fun little vid that got a bigger reaction than I expected.
    Some of the timings, especially the "it's better than bad, it's good" with A+K popping up with each syllable of "it's good," were more luck than my design. It worked pretty well, though.

    I apologize for the large file size of such a seemingly short vid; I was lucky to even get it that small. The original version I rendered was 20 M, and I tried to preserve as much of the quality of that original version as I could. In any case people said the D/L was worth it, judge for yourself.

    Don't ask for a longer version; this is the longest version of the song I know of. There's a long commercial-part to it, but I cut it out because there really isn't much I could think of to do with it. A lot of this video's humour comes from the sudden start, IMO.

    And do please comment, I like to hear good criticism.

    The second link is probably MUCH faster than the first.

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