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  • Member: Kegger007
  • Title: Through The Eyes: A FLAWed Story
  • Premiered: 2003-07-21
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  • Songs:
    • FLAW Amendment
    • FLAW Best I Am
    • FLAW Get It Up Again
    • FLAW Inner Strength
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  • Comments: My comments contain some major movie spoilers so don't read if you havn't seen the movie or want to see my vid first!

    This is a video I made using my ATI capture card and a DVD of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. I think the movie is awesome, and their should be a Final Fantasy game for it. What I set out to do here is follow the Deep Eyes Squadron throughout there guarding of Dr. Aki Ross. I used four seperate song segments by the same band in this vid to show my perception of the Deep Eyes as the movie progressed. The first song: Inner Strength, shows the Deep Eyes as being badass as they rescue Dr. Ross, they seem incapable of failure. The second segment uses Get It Up Again and shows that the phantoms are a very real threat to the Deep Eyes, but they manage to work through a phantom ambush and a betrayal on the inside. The third song is where things take a turn. Set to the song Amendment, the Deep Eyes are in deep trouble, and show that they are still human, and are not completely infallable. They succumb to defeat, leacing Gray with nothing left of his squadron. The fourth segment plays through with the song Best I Am, and basically highlights Gray's sacrifice for the planet, and his love for Aki, completing the end of the Deep Eyes Squadron.

    The band that performs these songs is called Flaw, and I modelled my title after the name of their album: Through The Eyes. I encourage anyone to go out and buy it, it's an awesome album!

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