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  • Member: Zeonic Freak
  • Title: Outride a Bobby
  • Premiered: 2022-01-02
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  • Song:
    • Koichi Namiki Outride a Crisis (Mikey Ver.)
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  • Comments: Something I've been playing around with since end of September 2021. I was able to finish it up on November 10th and been wanting to release this as one of my first videos of 2022. I got inspired to make something like this from seeing other editors entries for AWA Pro contest and wanted to experiment with just making up some stuff.

    The rip of this anime, Bobby's Girl, is straight from my own laserdisc copy of the OVA. I don't see much love or even attention to this unique OVA and I feel that it deserves some kind of light. Hope you guys enjoy.

    Song is by Koichi "Mickey" Namiki, former guitarist for the Sega Sound Team band in the 90's who did this version of Outride a Crisis from the SEGA arcade game Super Hang On.

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