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  • Member: StellarBlack
  • Title: Patriot
  • Premiered: 2020-11-28
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    • Cynthia Harrell Snake Eater (Trailer Version)
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  • Comments: This is just an idea I wanted out of my head and to stop talking about. Inspired by the story behind Metal Gear Solid 3 I thought long and hard about other "true patriots". Someone who puts their homeland first above the needs of their family and self and who's story will largely be unknown when they die. They get out in the muck so the rest of us can sleep soundly in our beds. Going whats right even at the cost of disturbing the comfort and peace of mind f loved ones. I felt at least in the case of Naruto that Itachi was the perfect symbol of that though I'm sure I could have picked many characters and cut clips to make them fit that narrative. However he was the perfect choice for this. The only thing he arguably loved more than the village was his younger brother and I think I captured that love perfectly if with a hint of bitterness. Being that the song selection was a bit slower paced I didn't get to fancy, which suite me for now as this is my first time. I hope this will be a great welcome to a community and hobby that will embrace me for years to come.

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