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  • Member: LantisEscudo
  • Studio: Honou Productions
  • Title: Bakuretsu Con 2012 Analog Iron Editor
  • Premiered: 2012-10-29
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    • Mr. T with Motoaki F. Burning Heat! (3 Option Mix)
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  • Comments: At Bakuretsu Con 2012, I participated in a three-way Iron Chef competition, with the additional complication that all of us had to edit our videos using analog equipment - no computers. We were provided several large tubs of commercial VHS tapes as our source material, and three hours to do our work in.

    I borrowed most of my equipment from the public access TV station I was working at and got lucky that I didnít have major technical issues pop up during the editing (one of the others had a very hard time getting his Macrovision breaker to work correctly, and fought with that for almost half the editing time).

    My rig included:
    Panasonic AG-DS545 SVHS Player
    Panasonic AG-DS555 SVHS Recorder (with a scratch on the record head that left a line in everything it recorded)
    Panasonic AG-A850 Editing Controller
    Panasonic WJ-MX50 Video Mixer

    The tapes in the tubs were a mix of subtitled and dubbed releases, and included movies, short OVAs, and a few tapes of a series - usually the first few but not always, so I decided on using Moldiver, which was one of the few complete unsubtitled series available. At six episodes long, it also offered a decent amount of footage without being too long to conveniently scrub and cue.

    My final video ended up winning the vote, and it was a fun experience, but Iím very glad we donít have to edit AMVs like that any more.

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