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  • Member: Hagaren Viper
  • Studio: Hagaren Studios
  • Title: Imaginary Cat Syndrome
  • Premiered: 2020-11-21
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  • Song:
    • There For Tomorrow The world calling
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  • Comments: Symptoms may include:
    * Inconsistent writing
    * A lack of empathy for anyone but the new kid
    * Complete disrespect for your underclassmen

    I started this video the night I got back from Anime Expo in 2017 - I had just watched the dub premier of Confession, I had a shiny new Bluray of Determination, and decide a few roadbumps in the story I was feeling pretty optimistic! And then Loss happened and it was... not very good, but there was still time to turn things around, right? No, because Coexistence came around and sunk the whole thing beyond repair and I lost pretty much all desire to edit this. Then Kizuna came out and I forced myself to finish this before editing with The Good Sequel.

    It wasn't all bad though! It was great to hear so much of the dub cast back in action and the dub writers did a great job fixing what they could of such a baffling script - even though they introduced new flaws it's still a more coherent experience over the original. I'm still pretty fond of Reunion and the excitement of seeing all these characters again & the unexpected wave of emotion I got hearing Tom Fahn's Agumon. And *technically* speaking I'm in one of the on-disk bonus features (good luck finding me though) so it's neat to say that in a small way I've left my mark on a official Digimon product, haha.

    Five years ago today, we were able to meet again with the Digidestined and their partners. So sit back, relax, and take a shot for every time I masked a scene.

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