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  • Member: monthenor
  • Title: Dejiko Feels the Hate
  • Premiered: 2001-07-22
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    • slipknot Wait and Bleed
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  • Comments: Here it is, finally! My very first *real* amv, captured off Kodocha fansub tapes with VirtualDub and arranged in Premiere 6. This was mostly a tutorial for myself in preparation for my BIG amv project, and I must say that it turned out extremely well. There are only two parts where some interlacing artifacts can be seen, but I didn't dare go mess with the timing.

    In the interests of making my silliest video yet I did some lipsynch, I did some beat matching, but mostly I just took the most concentrated anime crack in the known universes and put it to one of the hardest songs I own. Without even the benefit of a rough shotlist, I toiled for a little over two days to find suitable clips and slice them up. It was good practice, and amazing work for something with little forethought. Trust me, my next project has had a (nearly complete) shotlist for over a month now. Keep in mind, my source was completely fansubbed, and although I tried extra hard to avoid/crop subtitles it seems one of them still got in near the end somehow...

    For those people who haven't seen Di Gi Charat: It's 16 episodes (and later some specials) of 3-5 minute cutsie antics, originally done as commercials for a gaming store called Gamers :) It's well worth your time and money to find a fansub of this insane anime series. 16 episodes on one's insane.

    Special Note: For the life of me, I couldn't find a non-subtitled clip for "Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves" in the entire anime! What's a poor director to do?...I took the opportunity to give Puchiko some more screen time. I always envisioned her to be the one singing the song anyway.

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