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  • Member: neko kitkat
  • Title: Turing Out
  • Premiered: 2020-01-12
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    • AJR Turning Out
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    So I have had this Idea for over a year now. I had planned to make this amv centered around Deku, Kirishima and Mirio and their respective mentors. But as I was editing i found I wanted to make it a amv instead of a mmv. So while I waited for season 4 to be animated I asked my friend hos about the idea. She loved it but wanted to know if I could put Todoroki in there and then Bakugou... and I was like ok I'll try and then It because more of a character study of kids, their mentors and their friends helping them becoming who they want to be. As they are still learning and turning out so to say to become heros in their own right.

    So yeah XD. Its rather silly and I was worried about the song choice but I think it works. For the first line "Am I ready for Love" with Deku was meant to be am I ready to be like the hero's he admires or is it just his "best friend" like a dream that will be out of reach. I dunno XD
    Also this is the first time I really tried altering a song. The entire last chorus was remixed and edited by me since I wanted more impact and lyrics to showcase more students XD. I hope it came out ok. It was hard trying not to make it too static-y or messy.

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