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  • Member: Tuxedoblurr
  • Studio: Tuxedo Blurr Studios
  • Title: A Tale of Two Batboys
  • Premiered: 2003-09-15
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  • Song:
    • Batboy: The Musical - Cast Recording Hold Me Batboy
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  • Comments: My roommate was part of a local production of "Batboy the Musical" a musical that I had not heard of until then. I was quite simply blown away by the humor, wit, and overall greatness of this musical and knew that I had to make a video using one or more of it's songs. Sadly there are very few songs that aren't insanely plot intensive, so I opted to use the intro song (and ironically an excerpt from the final song which is a reprise of the intro song for my video's intro) "Hold Me Batboy." This video has a lot of charm to it. As far as I know it's one of the few AMV's set to a song from a musical, they certainly don't seem to be popular with the AMV community. Anyway, I am entering this video into Anime Weekend Atlanta 9's Video Art Track. For fairness I won't mention which contest, not that I think anyone really reads my profiles anyway. After AWA 9 I'll post this video for immeadiate download on my website http::// . I'll also submit this video to the New Orleans Numarei no Con, so keep your eyes peeled for my video at these conventions, or on my website in late September.

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