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  • Member: The -1
  • Studio: The -1 Productions
  • Title: Shuffle Playlist (Episode 1)
  • Premiered: 2019-08-03
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  • Songs:
    • Destiny's Child Say my name
    • Diddy ft Skylar Grey I'm Comin' Home (Arion Dubstep Remix)
    • Flux Pavilion Haunt You
    • Lil Wayne ft. Eminem Drop the World
    • Modestep Sunlight
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  • Comments: So, we all get bored sometimes, or just have a problem wanting to edit a full song. I guess I am having one of those moments, but I took a different route to curb my boredom, er blockage, I guess. No matter, I wanted to do something like a 5-minute-averaged AMV using different sources and music that I have on my playlist. No judgement here, I'll willing play songs using a random number sequence. This helps me stay honest with song selection along with challenging myself to edit to songs I would have probably never would have openly suggested even to myself.

    This was a fun project, quite demanding, but fun nonetheless. I can honestly say that it helped me stay sane. Not only that, I got to learn some new digital effects from After Effects and a shit ton of tutorial videos on YouTube. I almost thought about collaborating with others, but I felt like this was more of a solo project that I wanted to try out. I guess with you downloading/viewing my work, I can say that it is a success. Enjoy!

    The -1 ^____^

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