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  • Member: Anamorphic Productions
  • Title: Zombie
  • Premiered: 2003-05-17
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    • Cranberries Zombie
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  • Comments: This video took seven months of blood sweat and tears. Literally.

    The idea came after I burned a copy of "Big Shiny 90's disk one" and listened to it repeatedly on my hour and half long daily journey to school. the song 'Zombie' made me want to do a video... maybe matching action... And I started to tweak the idea.

    At first it was going to be a 'destruction vs. hope' concept, then just a plain old 'war throughout anime' video (I'd thought about making it single series for maybe a day, then scrapped it for multi sources) Then, around October time, I decided to include live-action.
    War isn't only in Anime after all.

    So the next step was to collect footage. I admit right now I had to download anime to do this. This was my first competition video (I'd fooled around with vids before) and since I'd decided to enter it into AN, I wanted it to be good. But my computer usage is limited in that itís not mine. I have no capture capabilities, no firewire, nothing. So I did the next best thing:

    I bugged everyone I knew for anime off their own computers, and the result was amazing.
    But It DID mean I was working with limited amounts of footage- sometimes even just clips of one anime or another, or trailers. Which means that yes, there are better anime out there that I could use, but I was working with the best I could get my grubby little paws on.

    It still took almost two months to assemble the footage, especially because finding war footage wasn't easy. This was before the situation in Iraq even came up, though I couldn't find much on Iraq anyway.

    Editing was gruesome. I have numerous computer crashes, and I had to edit in two hour blocks of time, because the computer was shared, and anyone who's tried to make a video knows two ours of editing doesn't do diddly.

    But the video was finished, and I showed it off to my friends.

    The only problem was they felt it was TOO violent. Especially with live action content. There was a scene (shortened in the final version) Of a Viet-'cong' getting shot, point blank, by an American soldier and blood pools around his head as he falls. That, coupled with some other shots, made my audience queasy. Worried about the reaction at the actual con, I hastily cut down on the bloodworks. The video lost a bit of its intensity, but it was stomachable for the weaker of heart, and that was important too.

    The video was bumped out of competition to Experimental by the con staff, because it was still a little too strong for a PG rating, but once I found out it was still part of the competition, I didn't mind at all. And, after considering the matter, i realized this video really IS an expierimental one. i just wish there was a category for it here. ^^

    When it was shown, I actually cried out of happiness (Something I'd thought I'd NEVER do) so I'm VERY proud of how this turned out. I won the award for Best Alternative and the Northern Lights Award, (GRAND PRIZE) WAHOO! I couldnít be more proud.

    This video is violent. Itís depressing. It looks at war and death and all that nasty stuff without any sugar coating. But itís not designed to inspire you to go out and kill yourself, and itís not some peace-rallying anti-war vid designed to change your life.

    I just wanted to make people think. You know, small world and all.
    Let me know if I succeeded?

    Shown: Anime North 2003

    Best Alternitave
    Northern Lights (Grand Prize) Award

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