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  • Member: Inuki42
  • Title: Into the Storm
  • Premiered: 2003-07-15
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    • Robert W. Smith Into the Storm
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  • Comments: My second attempt at a music video, my first using animated footage. I got hooked on FF8's FMVs, and figured making an AMV would be a good summer project. Concept came at least a little from ambrose's Evolving Spirits, mostly because of the music - I loved the way it started calmly, then picked up to a fighting tempo, then calmed again at the end. I looked all over for a piece that was similar, with fast and slow in the same piece, and chanced upon "Into the Storm" - something one of my friends had played in high school band. I listened, and it was perfect.

    This is a very formalistic video - it's almost entirely about motion, shape, and timing. Except for the middle part, which is more story-oriented, I tried to match footage so that it looks like the video creates the music through the motion. It seems disconnected, fragmented, but try to step back from any knowledge you have of FF8 and watch it as movement and shape. I know it's not a normal kind of aesthetic, but who said normal was all there was?

    I got my footage off of the Playstation discs with PSXMC, cleaned them up with VirtualDub, and edited with Adobe Premiere 6.5. It took me about two weeks to do a rough cut, then another two weeks or so of fine-tuning, changing my mind, and being nitpicky.

    The video codec is Xvid, but should play just like a DivX. If you have trouble playing it, let me know (, Inuki42 on AIM) and I'll do my best to get you a copy with a different codec.

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