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  • Title: Tokyocitypop | Jordan D. Mitchell
  • Premiered: 2019-01-27
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    • Jordan D. Mitchell Tokyocitypop
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  • Comments: God damn! Where do I begin with this video. Ok. Let me start by saying, a gentleman who discovered my work contacted me and asked if I would be able to create an AMV to promote his new EP. I accepted his request and got to work. So the song is sort of broken up into three smaller songs. So I had the idea to create three different looks. The first look features a late 70's early 80's heavily damaged 35mm film look with a beautiful 2.35:1 cinematic aspect ratio. Then after that I color-corrected it to have more pinks and cyans. Giving it what I would call a, "Cold Love" feel to it. I was mostly inspired by old Japanese Godzilla movies. Kind shitty looking but has an odd warmth to it. Next is the action-packed, high-octane, adrenaline fueled look. I was definitely inspired by "Mad Max: Fury Road". The movie has such an awesome, super-saturated, deep colored look to it. It also has this feeling of heat, fire, or just pure energy about it. So I did my best to replicate that. And lastly, we have a familiar look. The damaged VHS look. Many of you have seen it before; specifically with my "Kids In America" AMV. The only real difference is I was trying to color-correct it to be more pink and with a little bit of green. It's a little bit different than the first look. Instead of being more cold, it's more warm. I was also able to experiment with glitches and that kind of thing. This was a crazy video to edit for me and I learned a whole lot during the process of making it.

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    Music By Jordan D. Mitchell
    From The Album "Don't Touch My Danimals EP"
    Ⓟ 2019 Devious Innocence

    End Credits Song:
    Music By Jordan D. Mitchell
    From The Album "Don't Touch My Danimals EP"
    Ⓟ 2019 Devious Innocence

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