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  • Member: NaIGHTS
  • Title: United States of Delaware+Detroit Smash [S3E42/49]
  • Premiered: 2018-08-16
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    • Etro Anime Let it Go
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  • Comments: I had a great idea that it'd be so cool to mash these 2 fights up
    But sadly I don't have very good editing software lol so maybe one of you guys who watch it and like it can remake it ? Or something
    I just really wanted to see it done
    The music is the piano version of United States of Smash, and Sereneta by Atomic Mix Lab
    Hopefully it's somewhat enjoyable, I tried to sync certain parts on purpose but the main thing was to just mirror the fights and show the similarities and how cool it is lol

    Also also, hopefully this is able to be posted on here, because youtube was like nah

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