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  • Member: Siwz4r
  • Title: Consternation (feat. xKouhai) [EtoJE IC 2: Brawl]
  • Premiered: 2018-07-15
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    • Black Sun Empire Black Sun Empire - Eraser
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    Best Drama/Romance 9th (19)
    Best Overall 26th (46)

    Achillios from Greek means Unknown, this video wasn't made just because this was a contest like the others, it was made for a dear person of mine, that has died 4 years ago, the project is not completely polished and that's why some of you might come and say this and that, but I will gladly take it as a good feedback if its going to be one.

    My Review :
    The video has some blank spots that could've been treat better, but as I was running out of time, I couldn't made that possible, not to make a lame excuse that. " oh boys I was just running out of time and I couldn't make it" is more about understanding the whole concept that stands behind each and every word/scene I wonder if that was clear enough. anyways back to my way of reviewing my edit. what I didn't like were mostly the hardcuts because, some may fit in some part but others just don't seem to belong there. This wasn't made for you to enjoy but for me to rest in peace with my mind and soul, because of the lose that I had 4 years ago. I tried to implement most of the feeling that I had while editing this song, as you may notice I have tried to follow the lyrics that so you can follow more pleasantly, and to not feel it heavy and misleading. sound wise the audio is constant without any unwanted cuts that might ruin the whole content and distract the person from what he was following.


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