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  • Member: TheDestineeAMV
  • Title: Live To Be Strong
  • Premiered: 2018-07-16
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    • Rob Thomas Little Wonders
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  • Comments: Well not my best work I admit, but I learned quite a lot from making this video. Hope you enjoy!

    Concept: I actually find that a lot of times I use a romance based anime as my source, I don't particularly want to focus on the romance. So for this video, I tried to make a concept that focused mainly on Isla. She started out as a lonely Giftia, who thought that for the sake of others, she should remain a machine to never have a human heart. When she fell in love, it is true that the romance was a big factor that drove her to change. But I wanted to try to express the video in a way that she used her own inner strength to overcome her own weakness. It was chance encounters that allowed her to find the will in herself to become better and live the rest of her time in the best way possible.

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