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  • Member: )v(ajin Koji
  • Title: Animezing!
  • Premiered: 2003-07-15
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    • Robbie Williams Let Love Be Your Energy
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  • Comments: One day my mum came up to me and said:

    "You know those music video things you make? Well, could you make me one please?"

    Not really paying attention (asking me ANYTHING whilst i'm playing computer games is a bad idea) I answered yes. Over the next few weeks she nagged and nagged and NAGGED!! eventually I started.

    I was gonna make it with Adobe After Effects but I just could not get my head around it so I went back to good ol' faithful Premiere 6.5 ^_^

    Now the key words I thought were: "love" and "Energy" so Dragon Ball Z was an obvious choice for me and with unused clips from my DVDs such as Gohan running into Goku's arms etc... I knew I could do this, I made a DBZ AMV.

    I wasn't entierly happy, in fact I was upset with it, it did not convey the messages I wanted to convey, but another anime did.

    Escaflowne, now even though I only own the first DVD it comes with official music vids which include clips from all over the series, with subtitles, although that was not a problem because there is a way of turning them off, also having seen the series all the way through helped too.

    Another Problem: the sad part, there was an obvious choice: Gundam Wing, but I ended up using DBZ, GW:EW, Eva and Akira for this part all in black and white.

    Whilst I made this vid I was also buying Eva, and once I saw the series I knew I should use some of the "romantic" parts e.g. Shinji and Rei smiling at each other (yes Rei smiling!) and the infamous Shinji/Asuka kiss which has probably been used before, I wouldn't know; I've been avoiding Eva vids so as not to spoil the series!

    When the name of the song, artist etc... come up they look like the MTV eyecatchers, I thought this made it look more like a true music video.

    Another "Extended" version with character interviews will be on the org soon but for now enjoy this.

    And Finally...

    That's All Guys!!


    The extended version has been scrapped for reasons including boredom, but the more important update is this.

    I have decided to stop making DBZ music videos, infact I am giving up DBZ almost all together, at the end of the vid I have included an ("emotional") goodbye to DBZ which I gave six years of my life.

    And so Animezing! has now got a second name, you may choose which you use:

    "Moving On".



    I doubt that this vid will ever see the light of the .org ever...I just don't like it. It seemed like a step back to the n00b days...

    I f you REALLY want to see it just AIM me and I might give it to you.

    That is all.

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