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  • Member: PerkyPastry
  • Title: Mukosei kara Hiro e
  • Premiered: 2018-05-22
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    • Hercules Zero to Hero
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  • Comments: "I want you to tell the world 'I am here!' "

    Once I finished season 2, I knew my first official AMV had to be this. My baby has grown so much these past two years!!

    An alternate title I had considered for this was "Level Up", because the main theme throughout is the moments that Midoriya pushes beyond his own skill level to the surprise of everyone around him, almost always exceeding their expectations. Those are some of the most fun parts in the show for me. Similarly, I was also trying to push myself beyond my own skill level while making this video, practicing techniques I haven't really used with MVs in the past. For example, this is my first time trying out lip sync!

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