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  • Member: Radical_Yue
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: Going Digital
  • Premiered: 2018-05-23
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    • Fox stevenson Turn It Up (Higher)
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  • Comments: OK, so...where to start?
    This is a video I had wanted to make for many, many years. I've always been a massive Digimon fan since it first came on when I was 8 years old. I was hooked from Day 1 and it still is my favorite anime of all time 20 years later. I remember waking up early every Saturday morning to watch the newest episode on Fox Kids, going to see Digimon the movie in theaters with my little Gabumon toy and Digivice in my pocket, collecting everything I could find from the show in regards to toys, magazines that mentioned it, and even a comic about the first time Gabumon digivoles to Garurumon. Of course I was into shows like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! as a kid too, but Digimon was very special for me. The characters had flaws that they worked through and did their best to become better people. What starts as a generic show for little kids has more depth by the end of it than most anime I see nowadays. Depression, divorce, learning to be responsible, learning to care, and more were things these characters struggled with and it really meant a lot to me. The first 3 seasons of Digimon especially are some of the most special of all time for me personally.

    Now! About the video itself. As I said, I've always wanted to make this. There were a couple times throughout the years where I thought I found a song, where I had tried to collab with some friends, and where I'd stay up all night searching for the right song only to end with nothing gained.
    Then one night Kisanzi pops in a CD that he had just burned with a ton of new music he found. He stops at a gas station and leaves the music going while he runs inside and this song starts up. Holy shit. I sat there and right away my eyes were ready to fall out of my skull I was so hit by it. I couldn't picture anything else but Digimon and I had these transitions in my head that looked kinda like circuit boards. He came back to the car and I asked him if he had any plans for that particular song. His response was that he knew of quite a few shows that could work with it but he hadn't actually watched any of them so he'd say it was up for grabs.
    I claimed it. I claimed that god damn song so hard.
    (Fun fact: "A show like Digimon" was one that crossed his mind but again, he never watched it so nyeeeh :P)

    At the time when I very first started this video there were no BDs available, only crappy rips online. I was going to make it work. I set to work cleaning footage episode by episode for months. It was old and washed out and interlacing all to hell, but I was determined to make it work. I prepped the first 2 seasons over the course of 3 months when one day it was announced that they'd be releasing special BDs for the anniversary of Adventure. I won't deny, I died a bit inside. BUT this was a video I wanted to do right so I decided to wait. And wait. And wait. Oh, they're going to release Adventure 02 on BD too? Well, time to wait some more. :|
    Needless to say, I waited a long god damn time. When I finally had all my footage ready I was so incredibly excited to work on this project. I really wanted to use Digimon Tamers (S3) so badly too but there were no announced plans to release a BD of it and I was already struggling to fit all the bits I loved from the show in. The original Adventure is amazing and Terriermon is my favorite Digimon of all time so using the first series and then the movies were priority for me. Adventure 02 was still a fantastic series though so obviously I had to have a good chunk of it for balance and because it's got some great moments, especially in regards to the character Ken. Even then, I'm still missing so much. Wizardmon, Leomon, and all the heartache and highstakes that come from fighting baddies like Myotismon. I could honestly make endless videos about this show but I really wanted to do just one.
    The editing itself is overall very simple as it typically is from me. I didn't want to bog down the simple but pretty art style with over the top nonsensical effects so I tried my best to keep it clean and fitting. I really don't have a whole lot to say about the editing itself to be honest, but I do want to thank Kisanzi for helping me get those circuits looking exactly how I wanted them to look. They went through quite a few iterations before getting them down right.

    I submit this video to a fair amount of conventions over the year(s) that I spent working on it on and off, but it really didn't land anywhere. Connichi got the most finished version in 2017 since I love those sweet German boys and girls. It's a video that I didn't expect to succeed at conventions or in general contests and I'm alright with that. It's not perfect and it's aimed at a very specific viewer, me.

    So I hope you enjoy my little love song to Digimon. I've been putting off releasing it for quite some time now but today I feel motivated so let's fucking go boys. :kolorDab:

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