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  • Member: Flint50
  • Title: Armitage 2 Matrix Trailer
  • Premiered: 2003-07-14
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    • Matrix, The Superbowl Teaser Trailer
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  • Comments: To tell you the truth, this video was so fun to make. I saw an AMV done to a commercial for a movie and I just had to do one myself. I chose Armitage Dual Matrix and a Matrix trailer because of A: The title of the Anime and B: I love the Matrix. It fit very well. I like this video. It was my first try at voice sync, which is pretty cool in the video. The reason it's shorter than other AMVs done to a Matrix Trailer is because I chose the Teaser Trailer from the superbowl. I haven't seen one with that trailer, so I thought it would be cool to do. Well, watch it and see for yourself. Besides, Armitage Dual Matrix was a cool anime anyways.

    NOTE: Sound quality ain't that great. Was taken from the .mov file of the trailer.

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