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  • Member: TheDestineeAMV
  • Title: A Dragon Like Me
  • Premiered: 2018-01-05
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    • Robin Williams Friend like me
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  • Comments: Hi! This is part 2 of the former Disney MEP. Now the editing process was quite fun for this one. I thought of the idea almost immediately when I first started working on the MEP, but it was rather difficult to find the right flow that I wanted for this video. Not to mention, I was still using...ahem...Windows Movie Maker to edit this when I first started, so there wasn't much I could salvage before I upgraded. But once I learned how to mask in Vegas, surprisingly, I could still save quite a bit from this. Of course, lip sync could still be better, but it was still super fun to edit, and I hope I was able to display much of the comedy that most anime fans enjoy while watching this type of anime (aka, Lucoa's boobs haha). I hope you guys like this fun AMV as much as I do. Please let me know what you guys think about it and if there are any more tips of improvement that I can do if I decide to make this type of AMV in the future. Thanks!

    Concept: Tohru = Genie. That's basically it. Though it is a few years late, this is my personal tribute to Robin Williams. Aladdin was probably my favorite Disney movie growing up, and of course, Genie was my favorite character (Abu is a close second, but I digress). When I learned of his death, I was of course extremely sad, as much as everyone else who loves Williams as well. Not only did we lose a wonderful person, we also lost an artist who brought joy to so many people through his performances, and in such a tragic way no less. Williams will always have a special place in my heart, and I hope he's at peace wherever he is now. Rest in peace Robin.

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