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  • Member: AngelMaeVictory A.M.V.
  • Title: By Your Side: SUKI DESU
  • Premiered: 2018-01-01
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  • Song:
    • Jonas Blue ft. RAYE By Your Side
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  • Comments: XXXXXXXX
    I DO NOT OWN the video clips and music in this AMV.
    VIDEO CLIPS: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso //////// SONG: By your side by Jonas Blue ft. RAYE

    I really don't know how to Categorize my AMVs, especially this one.
    When I edit AMVs, I don't actually think of any goal.
    (but I visualize scenes with the Music...)
    It might be weird to others, but I just want to store my emotions in an mp4. :)

    This is the first of the YLIA By Your Side Trilogy that I'm working on.
    The rest will be uploaded by end of Summer Season.

    Dedicated to my Beloved.

    LOCAL UPLOAD Version: I accidentally uploaded the BT version
    (I was sleepy and tipsy that time, sorry).
    This will be updated on the Trilogy's completion date.

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