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  • Member: TheDestineeAMV
  • Title: Gift of Rain
  • Premiered: 2017-12-15
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    • Demi Lovato Gift of a friend
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  • Comments: Hi guys!
    So if you didn't know, or weren't aware, our Org admin Kireblue tried to bring back the Disney Multi-editor Project, in the Disney MEP V: The Magic Returns. A lot of editors were on board with this, myself included, and we were super excited to see the final project after the Disney MEP's four year break. However, life got in the way of most of the editors (for me, it was midterms and finals -.-"), and with many of us unable to meet deadlines, we were forced to cancel the project. Kireblue has given us the okay to release the videos we made for the MEP and this is the first of the few AMVs that I planned for the MEP. I managed to finish it since it is now Winter Break for me. Though I am sad that it won't be part of the MEP, I made this with feedback from the other awesome editors of the MEP, so thank you for that guys! Hope you like it.

    Concept: So a lot of people haven't seen this anime, which is surprising to me. It is super under rated in my opinion so I highly recommend you guys to watch this anime and then read the manga (because the story continues after the anime is over). But what I was trying to get at is the loneliness that Livi, the boy king of the Sun Kingdom felt everyday of his life, and how that hardened him to be the ruthless king that he is. Not knowing a single bit of warmth, he made every decision for himself, and ignores the pain of loneliness that is buried deep inside his heart. When Nike came along, he thought he could just use her as another asset he could use to expand the power of his kingdom. But he was so wrong. Nike made him face his pain head-on and she gave him something that he never got before: a friend, and someone he could trust and rely on. It was a gift that he did not ask for, but something he desperately needed, even if he will not admit it himself.

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