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  • Member: ChibiAhiru
  • Title: Redemption
  • Premiered: 2017-12-05
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    • Brandon Heath Wait and See
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  • Comments: Koe no Katachi is one of the few romance anime I have been able to stand. It's beautifully animated, and contains a host of complex and wonderful characters.

    As much as I do appreciate the romantic story, I was more drawn into Shoya's personal story of redemption. I loved the parallelism of him contemplating suicide in the end, and saving someone from making the same mistake as him.

    As someone who lost a friend to suicide, I was deeply moved.

    Since I've seen a lot of really wonderful romance AMV's, I decided that I wanted to challenge myself to focus on Shoya specifically. I chose a song with religious context, but I hope the greater message of redemption sneaks through.

    Hope you like it! Thank you for reading this far!

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