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  • Member: Dext3r
  • Title: The Heart (Karaoke Version)
  • Premiered: 2017-08-15
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  • Songs:
    • Emi Evans (Nier) Song of the Ancients (Atonement)
    • Emi Evans (Nier) Song of the Ancients (Atonement) [Hacking Track]
    • Emi Evans (Nier) Song of the Ancients (Fate)
    • Emi Evans (Nier) Song of the Ancients (Hollow Dreams)
    • Keiichi Okabe The Dark Colossus Destroys All
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  • Comments: This is the karaoke version of the Heart. If you would like to see the original version you can find it here:

    This version of the video contains subtitles not only to translate the foreign language, but also a second set of subtitles at the top that spell out the syllables for the foreign language version of the song. Now this was not a new idea, fansubbers have been doing this for a very long time, but I had no idea how complicated it actually is to create.

    A good friend of mine named Alex Diaz introduced me to a tool that I used for these subtitles called Aegisub. He taught me how to use it to accomplish several different tasks, including:
    -when the subtitles would begin and end
    -and then specifically for the karaoke I had to time the beat for each individual syllable.

    I was very excited when Alex and I first got this working, but I hadn't anticipated the primary problem: The viewer doesn't know where to look. Now I know most of us are hardened anime viewers with an affinity for watching things with subtitles, but the problem begins when you introduce the karaoke because the effects inherently draw your eyes away from the video itself and so you can't appreciate both at the same time.

    So that didn't really work out as well as I intended, so I removed the karaoke and decided to focus on just the english subtitles. But I wanted to share this version of the video as well because I spent a long time on it and I think this version still has merit.

    There were lyrics online for the karaoke that someone had written, but when we tried to break these into syllables it didn't work; so we spent a really long time playing two seconds of the video, pausing it and wondering “what on earth was that?” So we basically had to completely rewrite the lyrics for a foreign language that doesn't exist.

    More details about this video can be found on the original version's page.

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