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  • Member: Kegger007
  • Title: The Paradox Of A Soldier
  • Premiered: 2003-07-13
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    • Rammstein sonne
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  • Comments: The fruit of approximately 30 hours of labour. I captured the footage of a VHS of Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: Special Edition. I intro it with a countdown to the music, and then the intro of Dekim and the troops to get the mood right. I then drop into a profile of Heero's past and his struggle with Wufei through the movie. But the main profile is not just the battle itself, it is the idea of attaining peace through war, which in the movie was exemplified by Wufei and Heero's fight. The song is Sonne by Rammstein, and the file size is just over 60 meg. Quality should be good though. So sit back and enjoy. The only effects used in this vid were the rubber banding I used at the end, seeing how I am just learning all the effects of Premiere!


    For a translation of the lyrics, head to the web-site adress below!

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