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  • Member: milesprower05
  • Studio: Lone Wolves Productions
  • Title: WWKD: What Would Kamina Do?
  • Premiered: 2016-08-12
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    • Book of Mormon Soundtrack Man Up
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  • Comments: This is an AMV I worked quite hard on with my wife and though it was relegated to the overflow for Otakon in 2016, I am very happy with how it turned out. It was meant to build as the song goes on, but I fear the slowness of the beginning turned off the judges.

    I know the subject material is touchy for some but I made the video totally in a celebratory mindset and I hope you can enjoy it as such. The point of the video isn't to offend, in fact, while it is parody, I totally love the idea that Jesus manned up and so I went with the combination of Kamina and Simon as the main points of this AMV.

    Simon as Elder Cunningham is just a hilarious idea to me, and while people may be tempted to focus on Kamina as he is in the title and the amv begins about him, the real star is meant to be Simon. I hope that translated.

    Enjoy, and I would appreciate any feedback you would like to give!

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