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  • Member: Kroner92
  • Title: Eternity
  • Premiered: 2017-07-09
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    • Halou - Honeythief
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  • Comments: Hi guys,
    this is my entry for Japan Expo 2017, where I reached the 12th place
    The main idea was focusing on the symbol of the butterfly as a connection between dreams and reality. Butterflies are ephemeral creatures that in the mythology are symbols of eternity and reborn and I wanted them to be also a sort of guides to bring our souls to an inner trip into Time. According to Byron's words dreams are a portions of ourselves as of our Time, this vision of dreams and time cause to us a dual feeling: on one side we feel despair, we feel like all this is suffocating us and we can't change it, on the other one we feel the greatness of this and we let this guide us, as we are enjoying it. I don't want to spent much time on the explanation cause I really would like to hear what you understand looking at my vid, and of couse I hope you like it :)


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