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  • Member: AngelMaeVictory A.M.V.
  • Title: FREAK = ME
  • Premiered: 2017-07-08
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    • Hollywood Ending Freak like me
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    For everyone who
    Thank you so much!😊

    If you love Yu Yu Hakusho and HunterXHunter,
    you probably have seen Level E. If not yet, I highly recommend it! 😀
    It's wittingly funny! So good (taste like OPM, Gintama and the like).
    If you love Sci-fi or Alien stories, you'll definitely gonna love this.

    I've seen this last year, and I immediately marked it as one of my
    Top 5 Favorite Anime. I've read the manga, too.
    It's Superb!
    The Author's storytelling is out of this world.
    Togashi Sensei is a GENIUS.
    (big fan of Yoshihiro Togashi here!^^)


    It took awhile for me to make this AMV. I thought of this concept right after I watched Level E. I was halfway editing this last year but was not able to do so 'cause my former laptop gave in (It's in Coma state right now). So glad I am able to do it now. I have new and enough resources, gadgets, tools for editing given by my dear friends. I edited this in a simple way not just 'cause I like simple/raw editing. But because I'm refraining from too much eye disturbance for now. I had an accident with my right eye last month. It's fine now... I just don't want to abuse its early recovery. (^_-)


    This video was supposedly kept for good reasons.
    This is one of my Draft versions. I met problems while I was rendering the final version of this AMV. It's like a demon possessed my laptop. It suddenly went crazy! (Whaaaat the FFFF!!!!) I lost my edit. Two of my drafts are the only ones recovered. This ver. is closest to the Final one. The pixels and transitions are a bit off, though. I still chose to publish it. I love Level E and this AMV.


    Hope you like it...
    Thanks for Watching!

    P.S. (12/08/2017)

    REMASTERED version is in LOCAL Upload.

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