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  • Member: ReannaKing
  • Studio: Rtrbrtr Productions
  • Title: Shinji vs. The Floating Eye of Death!
  • Premiered: 2003-07-14
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    • Aquabats! Giant Robot Birdhead
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  • Comments: Watching Eva brought me out of a pretty bad period of depression, so you'd think I'd do a serious Eva video... nah. I think I haven't had this much fun making a video since my Fujisawa video :D
    I want to thank Miles for helping me find some of the scenes for this video. Thanks, Miles-Sama!

    I always seem to have some sort of software trouble whenever I make a video, and putting this together was rough; the footage I used was fairly low-quality and Premiere just couldn't handle it, so I got a lot of random quitting out of the program or clips not showing up once I'd rendered the video. I basically had to make tons of copies of the finished video and put them all together wherever the clip showed up. There were a few times where I had to resave the video several times just to get a single clip to work. This involved cutting the video (and audio, mind you) completely apart and pasting it back together. I think I did a good job with that; you really can't tell.

    PS: And no, I couldn't resist the idea of making Kaoru say, "Fall down go boom." And yes, I love Kaoru to pieces. Ummm... bad word choice.


    the eyecatch parody title screen I made at the beginning
    The clips I used to "But we've get the 3-2-1" at 1:00
    the "fall down go boom" sequence at 1:28
    Shinji and Asuka's dance at 1:35
    Unit 01 looking up dramatically to "shiny and clean!" at 1:46
    The clips to "3-2-1!" at 2:21
    *barf!* at 2:47


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