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  • Member: Cirera
  • Studio: Tsunderbird Studios
  • Title: Levi Boitano
  • Premiered: 2017-04-15
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  • Song:
    • South Park Movie OST What Would Brian Boitano Do?
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Finalist at Anime Expo 2017 AMV-contest.
    Finalist at Otafest 2017 AMV-contest.
    Finalist at AnimeNEXT 2017 AMV-contest.

    HEY HUGE NEWS I'm a Tsunderbird now! O: And I am proud to be one!

    This video was originally made for the AMV creator spotlight at Sakuracon 2017. I was given my five minutes of fame and instead of sending in an old video I decided to go ahead and make something new!
    And thus, Levi Boitano was created.

    Special thanks to Korppari for always being a loyal betatester when it comes to my parodies. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I am truly sorry for the credits. THEY ARE DEDICATED TO LED-GOD and KAR KKI because I love them and cherish them and I will make them waffles every time I see them.

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