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  • Title: Who I Am
  • Premiered: 2017-06-10
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    • Judy Kuhn Colors Of The Wind
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  • Comments: Hi! I finally finished finals and to celebrate, I am posting this new AMV I just edited. I loved Wolf Children and I will admit, every time I watch, I will get really choked up. What was especially hit my heart really hard when I watch this movie is how Ame chose to leave his mom and sister to live in the forest because it needed him more than they did. But to do that, he had to basically abandon his humanity and leave his human life behind, never to see his mother or sister again. So I made this AMV to encompass how Ame made the choice he did through his experiences and how both he and his mom, Hana, came to accept the choice that he did make. Hope you enjoy, and I always encourage anyone to give me feedback or opinions. Thanks!

    Concept: To show how Ame came to the decision he did make, I covered how he was rejected from human society (i.e. bullies in the beginning of the video), his sister always protecting him, and his mom always babying him. I felt that might have contributed to his decision to leave, because he never felt strong when he was with them, and by himself in the forest, he was able to become the best person that he could be, who he really is (hence the title of the AMV). I included a little segment of retelling how his mother came to meet his father to help enhance the story plot, but the main focus is of Ame in this video.

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