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  • Member: Cirera
  • Studio: Mero-tachi Studios
  • Title: The Secret we Share
  • Premiered: 2017-04-08
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    • Linkin Park ft. Kiiara Heavy
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  • Comments: Finalist at Tora-Con 2017 AMV-contest
    Finalist at Kawaii Kon 2017 AMV-contest.

    I sent this to a few other contests, too but it didn't do so well. I finished this on February 17th.

    why is everything so heavy?

    This video is about depression, and my past. Brandon shared this wonderful song with me today, and I instantly had to edit to it. So thank you.

    This took me 8 hours total, that's including the multiple rendering and encoding of the video.

    As many of my friends know, my son died 5 years ago. I've made multiple old videos where I process losing him, his death.. But I've never made a video quite like this.
    This video focuses on my relationship with Axel's father, my ex-boyfriend. We stayed together for 2 years after losing Axel but it wasn't much of a relationship anymore. We sort of just, existed, together. We shared the same experiences, but both dealt with our depression completely alone.
    There are plenty of things in this world that only the two of us know. I don't remember much from those days, most of it is a blur now.

    While I wanted to process my thoughts about my past relationship, I also focused on Shuuichi's and Mizuki's story. I realize it's not as accurate as I wanted it to be, and honestly leaving out Yuu and Nagi from the story just kind of pissed me off cuz they have really great scenes but ... oh well. Maybe I'll make a Nagi video next.

    ★★ Super special awesome thank you to ★★

    ★ Kira ★
    I don't know why this impressed you so much, but you made me believe in this video more than I did at first. Thank you.
    I have said this before but I truly value your opinion in my serious videos more than anyone else's. Your videos always have it all, and I look up to your skills in storytelling as well as editing so much.
    Personally I haven't met anyone who shares the same level of love for AMVs as you do. And that's just one of the small features I love about you.
    We argue sometimes, and it's hard to see eye to eye, but holy shit when we unite it's Hell on Earth for everyone who's opposing us. Let's have another awesome weekend where we spend 3+ hours just watching AMVs.
    Love you ❤

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