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  • Title: Tanukichi Takes The Red Pill
  • Premiered: 2017-04-26
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    • The Matrix Neo Meets Morpheus
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  • Comments: This was something that I thought of late last week actually. I wanted to think of ways that I could convince usually closed-minded people to take Shimoseka (a.k.a. "Shimoneta" here in the states, via Funimation) seriously when I planned on talking about and showing clips from it in a panel that I do called "Inspirational/Uplifting Moments in Anime". I plan on debuting this in the Con world this Saturday (April 29, 2017) and i'm sure that this, alongside the 2 other clips that I plan on showing from the anime, will be a HUGE hit there!

    And just as an FYI, Funimation did NOT, in any way, shape or form, compensate me for making this trailer-type AMV. This was something I made because I believe in the message of this series, THAT much! In fact, if it weren't for that DISGUSTING (and downright SICK) "White Peak" Arc, (I'm serious, if I ever, EVER have to see that arc again, I think that I will end up puking, and the meals that I had the previous day at that! Seriously, it is THAT gross!) But if it weren't for that, it would be #7 on my "all-time favorite anime list". Yeah, seriously!

    I mean, I absolutely LOVE the speech that Blue Snow made after she handed the just and WELL deserved punishment to that "White Peak" sick bastard! But that, and the de facto love confession that Blue Snow (a.k.a. Ayame Kajo) gave to Tanukichi Okuma immediately following that AMAZING speech, were virtually the only 2 things that I liked in that whole Arc, other than of course the sick bastard "White Peak" getting his and getting his HARD! (Ugh, sorry, it STILL grosses me out!)

    But enough about that, just watch the Trailer AMV. And in the unlikely event that anybody can't figure out what audio I used for this AMV, (I know, that would be hard to imagine, right? lol) I used the scene from The Matrix where Neo first meets Morpheus before Neo himself, "takes the Red Pill" and becomes "unplugged from the machine world". (the computer generated "dream world", that is literally what The Matrix is.) Yeah, I think you all understand why I thought it would be a GREAT concept for me to use as an AMV for this anime series, right? lol

    Ok, so enough from me, and just sit back, relax, and enjoy the AMV!

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