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  • Member: TheDestineeAMV
  • Title: The Spring I Loved You
  • Premiered: 2017-04-17
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    • Bangtan Boys Spring Day
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  • Comments: Okay, you're probably thinking "Dude, this idiot is posting two AMV's in a day. Why??" That being said, this is a work that I had been thinking and brainstorming about for weeks before and then at least 2-3 weeks of editing. So I can assure you that this is a project that I put a lot of my soul into (at least I hope so). I started editing when I was halfway through editing Re: Seventeen and finished maybe 2-3 days after that one was finished so I thought just get it out of the way and post them both. So here's the second one -- hopefully I don't annoy you too much.

    I had not planned to make an AMV using Your Lie in April, considering literally everyone was making an AMV using this anime one way or another -- not that I blame them, it was a beautiful show. And I actually didn't watch this anime until about three months ago, so I didn't have a lot of ideas coming for this. But then I heard the song Spring Day by Bangtan Boys, I just had to. The song title, the mood of the melody, and even the lyrics were screaming Your Lie in April and I thought "---- it. I'm making one." I will leave a link in this description of the lyric translations for anyone who feels like reading it, because if you have seen Your Lie in April, you will see what I mean. When I finished, I was actually really happy that I did it. Even though I might not be the first one who made an AMV with this anime, I'm still glad I did because of how beautifully it flowed with the music. By far, this is probably one of my top favorite works and I hope you guys love it as much as I do. Please leave comments and opinions or just message me if you have any improvement tips and continue to help me out as I keep making AMVs. Thanks!

    Concept: There's really not much to cover in terms of concept. If you guys have seen the anime, then you probably know the story by heart. But the main themes I wanted to express in this video is the hope that Kousei started feeling after he met Kaori, the sadness and grief he felt as he thought he might lose Kaori like he lost his mother, and the mourning but also the hope that he felt again after accepting Kaori's death and the fact that his love for her saved him from his darkness. That is what I think love does to us. Sometimes we might feel lost or hopeless, but the bright moments are what helps us through the difficulties of life. Kaori essentially became a beacon of hope for Kousei and I think that is the best aspect of their love, which I hope to be able to express in this video.

    Link to Spring Day lyric translations:

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