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  • Member: Hikikomori
  • Studio: Nanomachine
  • Title: Lovecraftian Complex
  • Premiered: 2017-03-24
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    • Kashiwa Daisuke Colophon.#02
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    MAKING OF (Youtube)

    The process of delving into the black abyss is to me the keenest form of fascination. - H. P. Lovecraft

    This project was something I wished from a long time, but I never found a way to realize it - up to now. The most important fact about my inertia of creation it's, without doubt, the pressure. Procrastination happens when we have time. So, when I saw the publication of Soul's Team IC XIII, I found a way to do that. Of course, I had just the concept in my mind, but, with some luck, the right track would appear. My first attempt was to form a team with my two alter-egos, but coldly I was refused. So I looked for my two supafriends (ElpsyC & Niel) and we made a team. An unconvencional team. I also have to thank them for the great opinions and advices they gave me. 

    Well, I would like to remind you: this is not exactly the version that competed in Iron Chef, but rather a version with some modified aspects and characteristics.

    Anyway, cutting the bullshit: I sold my soul to the devil, I broken my mouse, not only did I exceed my mental limit, but also my physical limit and almost fucked up my arm; here's the AMV:

    Forgive me, Lovecraft.

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