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  • Member: xSnowflakes
  • Studio: Fidelity Studios
  • Title: The Tale of the True King {Noctis Lucis Caelum}
  • Premiered: 2017-01-08
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    • Final Fantasy XV Apocalypsis Noctis
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    Well after finishing FFXV's story last week, I had a lot of feelings. Which I spat out in the form of video over the course of this week. Yup. I still have a lot of feelings, but editing is my favourite kind of vent.

    So I first paid close attention to this particular song during Chapter 4 (such an epic chapter), and then started listening to it properly. I thought to myself, would be epic to edit to. (Especially the violin part, that mood is perfect for flashbacks). But nah I can't do it.



    But eh. My inspiration for any other song just WOULDN'T come. SOO Apocalpyse Noctis it was! Super proud I could do it too (contrary to my doubts).

    The story in this video is actually really important, I hope its clear. It starts off with the end of the story (where he's facing his nemesis who has stolen the throne), then it goes back to the beginning, to follow Noctis' journey from being a young sheltered prince, to having the courage to rise up to become the chosen king. Along the way, he has people he loves around him, Luna, and his close friends and allies. However, after losing things important to him, and realising his duty and the symbol he is - he finally rises up (specifically at 1.39 LOL) fast forward to the future, and he is ready to take back whats his.

    I really loved Noctis' character in FFXV. I think he is one of my favourite FF characters... he has a lot of trouble with presence. He isn't a leader, and he isn't a natural born king. He understands that he's the next in line, but he doesn't want to stand out. He isn't someone to rise up to the challenge. He can't mourn even when he wants to, so he has trouble with displaying emotion. But these flaws are what made him so believable and relatable for me. I love him a lot XDD So this video is a little tribute to his journey and challenges along the way. (heart) Hope FFXV fans who watch this like it.

    To Amy, for uploading the FFXV cutscenes (basically, if it wasn't for her i wouldn't have finished the video...) and also uploading the summons cutscenes, which are an absolute pain to get.. and also for beta testing.. every single day. Lol. Thank you so much again!!

    She also made an amazing FFXV video which inspired me to make my own, check it out: (the video haunts me, no joke)

    Now, I'm going to go play more side quests in FFXV. (lol its not over for me yet)

    Series: Final Fantasy XV, Kingsglaive
    Song: Apocalypse Noctis - FFXV OST

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