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  • Member: Bauzi
  • Studio: [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios
  • Title: Ambiance - Ascension et chute
  • Premiered: 2017-02-06
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    • Boszodi Quintett Christmas Time Is Here (Live)
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  • Comments: Background info and detailed creation insight:

    Unfortunately I talk to much about my AMVs. If you want to check out the full background info of this AMV, you have to check out the textfile, that is linked above.

    Anyway here comes to shorter version:

    My original intention was to make an AMV in 2 weeks. The Yuki Matsuri's (based in Vienna) AMV Contest was announced just 2 weeks before deadline and I wanted to submit a video. Although AMVs since October 2016 were allowed, my last AMV was from summer 2016, so I had to make a new one.

    My current bigger project is demanding a lot. From learning a specific artstyle to executing it with many diverse and small programs and techniques to get the look I want. There was no way that I could've pulled it off in 2 weeks in a pleasant form. Hence I had to start this smaller project.

    The current project has a very visual destructive tone. The last few years I had a higher interest in slow cut and beautiful videos and wanted to create something similar. Exploring what arrangement of scenes does to a storyline and how the evoke emotions in us. It's a lot about a simplistic look without clutter. Furthermore this damn song was stuck in my head for a couple of months and I had to do something with it.

    I didn't know what this song was about or it's title since 2 days before deadline. I took it from a live concert that I had to cut at work. It was the only song from which we didn't have the title, so we left it out from the tv edit. I've asked Reddit for help. They've told me that it was a cover song of "Christmas Time Is Here". My heart dropped. What a surprise! This song doesn't sound for me like Christmas at all and the title really doesn't fit to the video in any way. Please ignore it ;D It's a live version from that tv edit. I couldn't find any other version of that song online. You can hear some background noises like somebody who yawns once. I hope it's not too distracting. There should be an alternate version with the original 23,978fps on this page ready for download. If not: contact me!

    The plan was to show the beauty of Hayao Miyazaki's films. I have hardly watched them before, but I knew that they are high quality and visual pleasing to many. Simply put: Good AMV material. I have to say that I became quite a fan of them by now. My favourite is Howl's Moving Castle for it's overwhelming visuals and charming storyline. Watching those films with my gf was a really great time.

    I picked all films that Miyazaki directed and wrote. I think they are the most representative for his career, since he should have got the most control over them during creation.

    The first AMV story draft was to only show wide beautiful shots of scenaries and settings. Preferable without any main protagonists. That's it. I wanted to highlight the beauty and detail of the worlds he created. Things that we might have overlooked when we watched the movies.

    During editing I quickly realized that the tone and melody of the song was way too melancholic and somehow sad for that "story". I couldn't show only wide silent ambient shots the whole time. That would completely ignore some parts of the song. The music was for me pointing to a rise and fall of things.

    That's how the simple storyline of a rise and fall (ascension et chute) of nations and culture was born. The final "plot twist" was told by editing. Have you noticed? The end is the only time I've used some crossfades. It should highlight the circle of seasons in nature. It doesn't matter how much you worry about wars and social decay. Don't worry. A rise and fall is everywhere. It's natural. Just look at the relation between spring and winter. All that will remain of us humans on earth will be irrelevant some day, when we are just gone. Of course art is always completed in the viewer's head, so feel free to interpret the AMV how you want and find your own stories in it!

    I've interpolated the framerate from 23,987fps to 59,98fps with Avisynth, SVP and the Interframe plugin. I wanted to test this technology and I think it can add quite a lot to video. Maybe not in this one or all scenes, but just look at the famous AMV Into The Labyrinth for example. If you know how to use it and know the limitations than interpolated frames can be awesome. For this AMV I have made 5 different encodes with 5 different settings and choose which encode I wanted to use for what scenes. If something went wrong I've masked the base encode and used a different encode for the masked part of the image. If something just didn't worked at all, I've left it at 23.98fps for some frames. This was maybe the biggest work I've did for this project.


    I hope you like the outcome and this interpolation craze was worth it. Leave me some comments and let's talk about your thoughts and feelings about this AMV :D There is a possibility that "Ambiance" will be turned into a series. Exploring other directors or fictional settings like my favourite SciFi subgenres. Also… Classical music in AMVs! Yay or Nay?

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