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  • Member: Dext3r
  • Title: Roy Mustang (Retro AMV Series)
  • Premiered: 2006-06-19
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    • Taku Iwasaki Theme of R.O.D. (Opening Version)
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  • Comments: The Retro AMV Series is a compilation of my older Anime Music Videos that have never been published here that I am now putting online.

    This is the first Roy Mustang video I made (long before my far more recent and significantly better "Arsonist's Lullaby" video). There's a lot of tonal change throughout this, switching from being an action video to a comedy video to a drama video and then back to an action video.

    The ending is also missing, I finished most of the video but I guess I never got around to capping it off. There's also a ridiculous amount of lip flap throughout this video that makes it pretty painful to watch.

    Please note this is actually the long version of the opening of R.O.D. not the opening version.

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