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  • Member: EnQuatre
  • Title: Poem to Ares
  • Premiered: 2017-01-14
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    • Breaking Benjamin Ashes of Eden
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  • Comments: "Poem to Ares"

    I've always wanted to write a space opera! Enjoy!

    This was a collab I did alongside Clarence aka Anime Mashup. We've both seen Aldnoah.Zero and thought that while the original show had a lot of potential, it ultimately fell short in terms of story. As such, we took the liberty of editing an AMV that retells the narrative with an alternative twist!

    Warning: vid contains spoilers, even if they have been re-interpreted in cases :P

    Editors: EnQuatre, Anime Mashup

    Series: Aldnoah.Zero

    Music: Ashes of Eden (Breaking Benjamin)

    Software used: Sony Vegas Pro 13.0, Adobe Premeire

    Anime Mashup's channel:

    Special thanks to TribelAMV, Xophilarus, and Kireblue for beta feedback!

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