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  • Title: Song of Promise
  • Premiered: 2016-04-05
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    • Hisoka, Kuroro, Gon, Killua Yakusoku no Uta (Song of Promise)
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    SONG: Yakusoku no Uta (Song of Promise) - Character Song (Hisoka, Kuroro, Gon, Killua)


    Thanks for watching! It's my FIRST EVER AMV! ^_^/
    (After watching the anime series[2011&1999 version] for the whole month of January and February this year (2016), and reading the Manga this passed March (2016), I was so inspired by it that it moved me to make AMVs for HxH.)😊
    I hope you like this one.

    I know I'm late in watching HxH (bcuz this is the only year I had a lot of free time - passed years I'm so busy), but it's better late than never.😉


    This is a simple Summary AMV of the series Hunter X Hunter (2011) [ All arcs]. I published the draft of this video last month. Despite its blurry resolution, Thanks for viewing and liking, I appreciate it a lot. ^_^

    This video may not be as good as the best, but it has the best of my heart. I dedicate this video to all the people involved in creating Hunter X Hunter. A Thanksgiving to you guys.


    Credits to Mr. Togashi and MadHouse for an Epic Manga and Animation. Love u all!

    For everyone who WATCHED/LIKED/SHARED...
    Thank you so much!😊

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