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  • Member: DirtBag
  • Title: Demons
  • Premiered: 2017-01-02
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    • Paris Blohm Demons
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    I'd used WMM when I was younger. then stopped. My SO recently gifted me a decked out PC with Sony Vegas and I wanted to see if I could make AMVs like I used to. This is my "first" AMV. I consider it a learning experience for learning how to use Vegas as well as trying to understand basic AMV mechanic/flow.

    It was a struggle at first and I could probably make better in the future. However, I am proud that I was able to put out something and am looking forward to improving.

    I welcome any advice for a newcomer such as myself.

    Equipment: Sony Vegas 13
    Hours: 18ish [A lot of was learning very basic things like video formats, how to get footage, how to convert video formats, how to do special effects, and rendering processes]

    ~Dirt Bag~

    Themes: Demons
    Many of the main characters of the shows have a "demon" either as a spirit possessing them or some traumatic event which haunts them during the series. [Or both]. It is split into two parts, with part one featuring Tokyo Ghoul and part two with Re:Zero. The two main characters of Beyond the Boundary are split into the two parts. I admit that I ran out of "fight" scenes featuring my selected main characters, which makes the video disjointed and makes it lose some of the theme.

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