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  • Premiered: 2016-11-16
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    • lukas graham 7 Years
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    In my desperate attempt to show the world that Dragon Ball AMVs can be more than just Linkin Park songs with random fight scenes in the background, I've created another beauty! And I have very low confidence so for me to call it a beauty should mean something! :P

    In the song, Graham sings about stages of his life and even mentions his age. It was eerie how close the ages matched with Goku's ages throughout the series. Most of them were only off by a single year. I almost included his actual age in the video, but my typography skills are pretty trash at the moment, lol.

    Most are familiar with the series and its story, but there are some elements in the video that may be new to viewers who don't keep up with it. Mainly the manga portions. The beginning of the AMV uses a manga chapter titled "Dragon Ball Minus". This chapter was created by original writer and artist, Akira Toriyama, years after the series ended. 2013 to be exact. The chapter can be found in his most recent One Shot Manga called "Jaco, The Galactic Patrolman". I highly recommend this manga, by the way. Jaco was in charge of making sure baby Goku never reached Earth. He failed obviously. It's available in English from Viz. This is where he came from for those who wondered who he was in the recent DBZ film, Battle of Gods.

    The second part fans may not be familiar with is the ending manga sequence. Both the original manga and anime series have Uub riding on Goku's back as they fly away in the distance and the manga ends. But in 2004 the final volume of its re-release, known as the Kanzenban, included a slight alternate ending. That of which you can see in the ending of my AMV.

    I love this series very much and I hope I can continue to deliver a variation of new AMVs in a world cluttered with rock songs and DBZ fight scenes.

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