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  • Member: Trenzilla
  • Title: Data Overload
  • Premiered: 2016-10-22
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  • Song:
    • C2C Delta
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    I spend a few months trying to come up with the next AMV I would make for the Youmacon AMV contest and others, but nothing of the ones I was working out were coming out the way I want them too. Eventually I remember that a few years ago, I wanted to make an AMV on the movie "Summer Wars" but I wasn't coming out the way I want it so I put if off. Then I heard the song "Delta" by C2C in a Godzilla music video done by my good friend NOSTAGILLA and I decided to try my hand at editing with that song and the rest is history. I was finally able to make the Summer Wars AMV I always wanted.

    Awards & Honors:
    Katsucon 2017 Saturday Morning Best Action
    Best Upbeat Anime Crossroads VAT 2017
    Youmacon 2016 Finalist
    Katsucon 2017 AMV Showdown Finalist
    Sakura Con 2017 Action Finalist
    Anime Boston 2017 Action Finalist

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