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  • Member: Dext3r
  • Title: AWA Pro 2016 AMV: Arsonist's Lullabye
  • Premiered: 2016-10-01
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    • Hozier Arsonist's Lullabye
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  • Comments: This is an AMV that I submitted to Anime Weekend Atlanta's Professional Awards Contest in 2016...and it was nominated for Best Character Profile!

    I've had this idea in mind ever since I first heard this song in the Walking Dead Comic Con trailer for Season 6, and I thought it was the perfect fit for a Mustang video. Originally it was going to be more about the Ishval war, but as I began incorporating Hughes, I realized the emotional core of the video clearly had to be about the friendship between Mustang and Hughes, and how Mustang dealt with his guilt after the tragedy of what happened.

    Because of this, after initiating their relationship, it became about Mustang tracking down everyone who was involved, from Lieutenant Maria Ross (though "his senses fooled him"), Lust and finally the fuhrer. I decided against involving Envy because I thought it would be too confusing to people who haven't seen the show, and that his final form would have lessened the dramatic impact of the climax. Because of this I combined the final fight with the fuhrer from the original with Mustang's descent into revenge from Brotherhood.

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