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  • Member: CDLang84
  • Title: Electric Fury
  • Premiered: 2016-09-26
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    • FireFlight I've Got the Power
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    This video is a character tribute to Misaka. This was a hard anime to try and edit too since there was just enough footage of Misaka to use for it. There were a few other scenes I wanted to use but they didnít fit the video at all so I snipped them. After narrowing all the footage down I didnít think I was going to complete this video and was going to have to scrap it or change the anime completely. In the end I didnít have to and everything seemed to fall into place once I remembered what footage I wanted to use.

    I think the song fit Misaka very well and the sound effects fit nicely when she unleashes her powers. Amazingly she didnít have that many action scenes in the first season as compared to the second so I switched the flow up a bit by not having them in exact order. I used only two scenes that she was in the Index movie so no real spoilers there. Other than that I really liked how this one turned out.

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