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  • Member: Tyrfalger
  • Title: The Life of Goro Shigeno
  • Premiered: 2016-09-24
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    • Audiomachine Satori
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  • Comments: After several months and a few periods of editors block, I finally finished this AMV. A lot about the music track I used invoked baseball imagery, particularly the guitar riff intro reminding me of a stadium, the percussion at the end reminding me of the crack of a baseball bat and the climax sounding like stadium light shutters. So I looked at several baseball anime and I picked the Major series. Unfortunately I was only able to get my hands on a few movies and the first season at a high enough video quality to meet my standards so I had to base my AMV design off of that and cobbled together a sort of biography of the main character.

    Intro starts as a reflection of Goro's life from when he was a child, looking up to his father as a baseball player but spoiler alert, he died and Goro became inspired to become a great baseball player. Even has the same uniform number (56) as a kid up to the end of the anime (OVA). Goro was extremely dedicated, even after severely injuring his throwing arm which rendered him unable to throw fastballs but that didnt stop him since he trained his other arm, which is evident in the glove he has on in the side by side scene transition from Goro as a kid then adult I put in. Then, I of course had to include a montage somewhere and that naturally led to the triumphant finish with the end of Goros career.

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