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  • Member: ArcadiaElle
  • Title: Madoka Magica Rebellion AMV - TETHER - CHVRCHES
  • Premiered: 2015-08-13
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    • Chvrches Tether
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  • Comments: My AMV dedicated to the Madoka Magica Rebellion movie! Tether is a song by the band CHVRCHES, and the lyrics perfectly fit with the overall feel and tone of Madoka Magica, specifically Homura's journey. The movie is really a work of art in itself, the graphics and visuals are so well done. The result of the artistry of Madoka Magica and "Tether" is my music video. Thank you for any thoughts and I hope you enjoy!

    Madoka Magica Rebellion, Homura Akemi, Kyubey, Magical Girl, Madoka Magica, Madoka Kaname, Kyoko, Mami, Witches, Labyrinth, AMV, Music Video, CHVRCHES, Tether, Sayaka

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